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18 April 2007 @ 11:35 pm
Apply to be a maker @ iluv_iicons  
Welcome and at this post, and this post only, you can apply to be a maker @ iluvu_iicons! Come on you know you want too! So fill out this simple form, and I'll take a look over your application. <3

please fill this out if you are interested in becoming a maker. also please be mature, and realize I can deny an appliaction if I see fit. if yu don't happen to get in on the first try, you can reapply. if i don't accept you, it just probably means you need to work on your skills. =)

Name or what you go by:
Please post at least 10 icons of your best work:
Favortie celebrities:
Program that you use:
Will you be active at this community:
Other communities you're posting at:
One icon for the user-info if you are accepted:

all comments are screened